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Neck Lift Results

Actual Patient. Individual results may vary from patient to patient.

Actual Patient. Individual results may vary from patient to patient.



Neck Lift FAQs Answered by Dr. Nathan

Miami Neck Lift Specialist Dr. Nathan

During a platysmaplasty (aka a neck lift, neck rejuvenation surgery), a plastic surgeon removes excess fat, tightens the platysma muscles and re-contours the skin on a patient’s neck to reverse the visible signs of aging. The neck lift procedure is also a good solution for those who have sagging neck skin resulting from weight loss. Dr. Nirmal Nathan is a board-certified plastic surgeon who performs neck rejuvenation surgery for men and women at his state-of-the-art clinic in Miami. At The Nathan Clinic, Dr. Nathan essentially turns back the hands of time by using his extensive knowledge, skill and artistic vision to diminish the signs of aging.

Recognizing the Signs of Aging That a Neck Lift in Miami Can Address

Neck aging is multifactorial, and is usually a combination of fat, muscle, and skin laxity. As time passes, the platysma muscles, which are the muscles that run from the lower section of the face and down the neck, begin to fall. As these muscles fall, they can cause neckbands to develop. Additionally, a loosened platysma muscle may increase the fullness in the part of the neck that is just beneath the jawline. Fat may accumulate beneath the chin, increasing the size of the neck in this area. These changes cause the skin on the neck to become lax, and it begins to sag. This loose neck skin is what causes the wrinkles, folds and creases that develop. During your consultation, Dr. Nathan will develop a customized plan that addresses your concerns.

What Causes These Signs of Aging?

A variety of factors result in the development of sagging skin and wrinkles, some of these factors are a natural part of life, which means there is no way to prevent them. However, there are other factors that an individual can prevent.

Unavoidable factors that can exacerbate the signs of aging in the neck include:

  • Gravity.
  • Genetics.
  • A small chin.

Preventable factors that can hasten the signs of aging in the neck include:

  • UV exposure

    UV exposure — Individuals can prevent the signs of aging that UV exposure causes by wearing a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 every day.

  • Stress

    Stress — Although it is probably impossible for an individual to eliminate everything that adds stress to his or her life, decreasing the amount of stress one experiences is possible. Many people find that regularly participating in relaxing activities helps to reduce their daily stress levels. Two very effective activities for stress management include yoga and meditation.

Which Issues Can Dr. Nirmal Nathan Address with Neck Rejuvenation Surgery in Miami?

The goal of the neck lift is to remove excess fat, tighten the platysma muscles and remove excess skin.

During neck rejuvenation surgery in Miami, Dr. Nathan addresses a variety of neck changes to provide his patient with a beautiful, natural-looking result.

Neck changes that occur as a result of the natural aging process include:

  • Descending neck muscles.
  • Neckband development.
  • An increase in skin laxity.
  • A fullness in the neck by the chin and near jawline.

Patients who would like Dr. Nirmal Nathan to address the sagging skin along the sides of the jawline (i.e., jowls), and the visible signs of aging that are present on the face will also need to have a facelift. Therefore, some of Dr. Nathan’s patients choose to have a combination procedure that includes a facelift and a neck lift. Individuals who are interested in this option, or any other combination of procedures, should let Dr. Nirmal Nathan know of their interest during the initial consultation.

Regardless as to the reasons that an individual develops the signs of aging on his or her neck, successfully concealing these changes can be extremely challenging. Therefore, these individuals may want to consider having neck rejuvenation surgery at The Nathan Clinic in Miami.

Who Should Consider Having a Neck Lift in Miami?

Individuals who notice changes in their neck profile, those who have sagging neck skin, as well as individuals who have an accumulation of excess fat in the neck area, may want to consider learning more about the neck rejuvenation options available at The Nathan Clinic in Miami.

Individuals who may want to consider having neck rejuvenation surgery in Miami include men and women who:

  • Feel self-conscious about the way their neck looks.
  • Have a double chin that makes them appear heavier than they truly are.
  • Feel more youthful and vibrant than they look.
  • Are using scarves and high necklines to conceal the changes in their neck, despite Miami’s balmy climate.

What Makes Someone a Good Candidate for Neck Rejuvenation Surgery in Miami?

Men and women who have mild to moderate signs of aging in the neck area may be good candidates for a platysmaplasty.

Many times, a good candidate for a neck lift is an individual who is not necessarily in need of a comprehensive facial rejuvenation procedure (e.g., a facelift), but has signs of aging (e.g., loose skin) that he or she would like Dr. Nathan to address on the neck. Dr. Nathan uses deep plane techniques to remove fat and define the jaw line.

Is There Anyone Who is Not Considered a Good Candidate for a Neck Lift in Miami?

Yes, since neck rejuvenation surgery cannot improve the quality of an individual’s skin, people with very lax skin may be unable to attain maximum correction with a platysmaplasty. In addition, obese patients with short, fat necks are usually poor candidates. Nonetheless, these individuals may benefit from a rhytidectomy (aka facelift) because while performing a rhytidectomy, the surgeon is able to remove more skin than is possible during neck rejuvenation surgery alone. Cases are evaluated on an individual basis at the Nathan Clinic. If you have additional health issues, such as uncontrolled diabetes or hypertension, your case may be declined by Dr. Nathan. Nicotine ingestion and blood thinner use are also contraindications for surgery.

Would Anything Cause an Individual to Be Ineligible for a Platysmaplasty in Miami?

Yes, certain circumstances can make someone temporarily or permanently ineligible for neck rejuvenation surgery.

Individuals who are ineligible for a platysmaplasty include:

  • Women who are currently pregnant or breastfeeding

    Women who are currently pregnant or breastfeeding — Since pregnancy and breastfeeding can negatively affect a woman’s healing time, Dr. Nirmal Nathan recommends that his female patients postpone their neck rejuvenation procedure until the end of their pregnancy and breastfeeding is complete.

  • Men and women who have blood circulation problems

    Men and women who have blood circulation problems — These individuals are not good candidates for a neck lift because poor circulation could cause excess bleeding during surgery and as he or she recovers.

  • Individuals who have an infection

    Individuals who have an infection — Men and women who currently have an infection must wait until it is resolved to have neck rejuvenation surgery.

  • Men and women with unresolved medical issues

    Men and women with unresolved medical issues – Patients with uncontrolled hypertension or diabetes are not surgical candidates.

  • Nicotine ingestion

    Nicotine ingestion – Any active nicotine ingestion (cigarette, cigar, vape, patch, gum, lozenge, hookah/shishash) is a contraindication for neck lift surgery.

How Does Youthful Skin and Aged Skin Differ?

One of the main reasons for the differences between youthful and aged skin is the reduction in collagen and elastin production that occurs with age.

Youthful skin characteristics:

The common characteristics of the skin on the face and neck of a young adult or child include firm skin with beautifully rounded facial contours. These contours form due to the 14 fat pads that are providing support to the facial structure. Furthermore, there is a thick meshwork of elastin and collagen supporting the skin itself.

The characteristics of aged skin and the reasons the skin changes with age:

With age, the fat pads in the face diminish; the skin thins and loses much of its elasticity. In addition, collagen production slows. Also, as the individual’s bone density and muscle mass decrease, his or her skin loses even more support, which results in the lax skin that causes the development of creases, wrinkles and folds. As gravity pulls the skin downward, these unwanted creases, folds and wrinkles become more evident on the neck as well as in the middle and lower sections of the face.

If the submental area, which is the area underneath the chin, accumulates excess fat, an individual may notice that the area looks fuller. To eliminate the look of inflation, the surgeon sculpts the patient’s neck. To ensure a natural appearance following the sculpting process, the surgeon must be judicious while removing the excess fat. If an inexperienced surgeon removes too much fat in the submental area, the patient’s underlying neck structures may be visible through his or her skin.

Can a Neck Lift in Miami Improve the Quality of the Skin Itself?

While Dr. Nathan can improve the signs of aging on the neck during a platysmaplasty in Miami, he is unable to improve the quality of the skin with this procedure. A neck lift will improve the sagginess and looseness of the neck. It will improve skin quality a small degree, but CO2 laser resurfacing is used by Dr. Nathan to improve results. Nonetheless, many patients with poor skin quality are good candidates for laser skin therapy. Laser treatments are highly beneficial for those who want to restore and preserve some of their more youthful skin characteristics.

Dr. Nirmal Nathan’s Expansive Laser Suite Offers Patients a Way to Improve the Quality of Their Skin

At The Nathan Clinic in Miami, Dr. Nathan provides his patients with an expansive laser suite. Dr. Nirmal Nathan’s laser suite offers men and women in the Miami area an array of the most innovative skin rejuvenation technologies, treatments and techniques available. With these innovative laser procedures, patients can attain the blemish-free, more youthful-looking skin they desire. Not all patients are candidates for laser therapy and must be assessed by Dr. Nathan.

How Laser Therapy Improves the Quality of a Patient’s Skin

During laser therapy, collagen and elastin production increases. In addition, the laser can remove the dead skin cells accumulating on the surface of the skin (i.e., the epidermis) to reveal the radiant, more youthful-looking skin beneath.

Neck Rejuvenation Surgery is a Challenging Procedure

As time passes, the signs of aging begin to develop within the different layers of the neck. Since changes are occurring on three different levels, it can be a challenge to successfully address the signs of aging in the neck. Therefore, it is vital that the plastic surgeon performing an individual’s platysmaplasty has the experience, artistic vision and skill necessary to provide the patient with a beautifully contoured, more youthful-looking neck that appears completely natural.

During a Neck Lift with Dr. Nirmal Nathan in Miami, He Addresses All Three Layers of the Neck

Throughout the aging process, changes occur in all three of the neck’s layers. These three layers are the fat, the platysma muscles and the skin.

The Neck Lift Procedure with Dr. Nathan in Miami

Dr. Nirmal Nathan can perform a neck lift while the patient rests comfortably with local anesthesia and sedation. When applicable, patients may have a platysmaplasty while they are under general anesthesia.

While Performing a Neck Lift, Dr. Nathan Creates Three Small Incisions

The first incision he creates is in the small crease behind the chin. Dr. Nirmal Nathan uses this incision to remove excess fat and tighten the neck muscles.

Dr. Nathan also creates one incision behind each ear. These incisions allow him to tighten the patient’s neck muscles laterally and centrally, as well as remove any excess skin. Dr. Nirmal Nathan’s ability to tighten the platysma muscles laterally and centrally allows him to provide each patient with optimal platysmaplasty results.

Addressing the fat beneath the chin:

Removing too much fat from beneath the chin can actually allow the underlying structures to become visible, thus, skeletonizing the look of the patient’s neck. Therefore, when it comes to the fat removal process during a neck lift, plastic surgeons need to avoid being overzealous. As an experienced, highly skilled plastic surgeon, Dr. Nathan knows the amount of fat that he can remove. Thus, ensuring his patient’s neck is beautifully contoured. Furthermore, due to his extensive experience performing these procedures, Dr. Nirmal Nathan’s patients enjoy natural-looking results.

Dr. Nathan typically uses liposuction to address excess neck fat. He removes the neck fat by carefully placing a hollow tube (i.e., cannula) through the incisions behind the ear and then turning on the liposuction machine. This machine can be compared to a household vacuum; however, the liposuction machine is specifically designed to remove excess fat.

Individuals who have resilient skin, whose only complaint about their neck is that it appears too full, may only need to have the excess fat removed via liposuction.

After liposuction, patients enjoy a neck that appears to be more defined.

Tightening the platysma muscles:

The first component of an aging neck is the separation and descent of the platysma muscles.

There is a platysma muscle on each side of the neck. These muscles begin in the lower section of the face, and then continue downward to the clavicle (i.e., the collarbone) on each side.

As these muscles descend, they create platysmal bands (aka neckbands). To address these bands, individuals who choose to have a neck lift also receive a platysmaplasty.

Removing excess skin:

With time, the skin on the neck begins to sag. The first sign of this aging characteristic usually becomes evident in the area directly above the Adam’s apple. As the sagging continues, the individual accumulates redundant skin beneath his or her chin.

Closing the Incisions

After removing the patient’s excess skin, Dr. Nathan uses sutures to close the incisions. Drains are usually placed and removed 3-7 days after surgery.

Following surgery, Dr. Nirmal Nathan places a small bandage around the patient’s neck.

Dr. Nathan may also give the patient a garment designed to compress the neck. This compression garment helps reduce inflammation.

Scarring Following Neck Rejuvenating Surgery

Each neck lift incision is well hidden. Moreover, once healing is complete, these incisions fade more and more until they are nearly invisible.

What to Expect While Recovering from a Platysmaplasty

After spending some time in the recovery area at The Nathan Clinic in Miami, the patient returns home with his or her driver.

Recovering from a neck lift in Miami:

  • Patients should keep their head straight and avoid bending or twisting their neck.
  • Patients should use a few pillows to elevate their neck. Elevating the neck helps reduce inflammation.
  • It is imperative that patients who receive general anesthesia during surgery prevent the development of blood clots by walking around periodically.
  • Patients who receive twilight anesthesia should also take short walks around the home following surgery.
  • Patients need to remain on a liquid diet for about 18 hours after their neck lift. They can slowly progress to a soft diet. Patients should remain on this soft diet for several days.
  • Most patients experience very little pain, if any.
  • Numbness may be present. The inflammation, bruising and numbness usually peak on day two.
  • Patients experiencing discomfort can safely take extra-strength Tylenol. When necessary, Dr. Nathan can prescribe a stronger pain medication.
  • Inflammation and bruising are common side effects of neck rejuvenation surgery.
  • Patients can reduce swelling by taking extra-strength Tylenol and performing cryotherapy (i.e., ice therapy).
  • The day after surgery, patients return to The Nathan Clinic to have their bandage removed.
  • Patients can shower two days after their surgery.
  • Then, on the fifth day following surgery, the patient returns to the office to have the tiny stitches beneath the chin removed.
  • The majority of Dr. Nirmal Nathan’s patients return to work or school within 14 days of their surgery.
  • On the tenth day of recovery, patients return to The Nathan Clinic in Miami to have the stitches behind their ears removed.
  • Patients must refrain from swimming, performing strenuous activities and heavy lifting for about six weeks after surgery.
  • Using a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 every day is essential to maintaining the youthful-looking results.

Results of Neck Rejuvenation Surgery

Following neck rejuvenation surgery, patients can expect their results to last for years. Implementing a daily skincare routine following surgery can add to the longevity of most plastic surgery procedures.

Many of Dr. Nathan’s patients ask for his advice on which skincare products he would recommend for them. Dr. Nirmal Nathan is always happy to help because he wants his patients to enjoy their plastic surgery results as long as possible.

A Neck Lift Consultation with Dr. Nirmal Nathan

Dr. Nathan needs to gather some information from prospective patients during their initial consultation.

This information includes:

  • Previous surgeries and treatments.
  • Chronic health conditions (e.g., diabetes, hypertension).
  • Medications, both prescription and over-the-counter, that the patient takes regularly.
  • Herbal supplements and vitamins that he or she takes regularly.
  • Allergies to medications and latex.
  • Weight-loss status. If the patient plans to lose a substantial amount of weight at any point in the future, he or she needs to hold off on this surgery until meeting the weight-loss goal. If the patient has recently lost a significant amount of weight, Dr. Nirmal Nathan wants to know about this accomplishment.
  • Lifestyle choices regarding the use of products that contain nicotine (e.g., chewing tobacco, traditional and e-cigarettes), as well as his or her alcohol and recreational drug use.

Dr. Nathan also needs to know what issues the patient wants him to address during surgery. Patients should be candid with Dr. Nirmal Nathan because the only way he can provide the results a patient desires is through open communication.

Patients who are considering a combination procedure, such as a facelift and neck lift performed during the same surgical session, should let Dr. Nathan know that this is something they are interested in learning more about.

Once the discussion is complete, Dr. Nirmal Nathan examines the patient’s neck and checks the elasticity of his or her skin.

As the examination continues, Dr. Nathan assesses the patient’s platysma muscles and the fat that has accumulated beneath the chin. He may also take a variety of measurements during this consultation.

If the patient decides to move forward with surgery, Dr. Nirmal Nathan begins preparing to create his or her custom-designed surgical treatment plan.

Patients deciding to move forward with surgery should expect several photos to be taken during the pre-operative consultation. Dr. Nathan uses these photos while creating the patient’s personalized treatment plan. Patients choosing to have combination procedures will have more photos and measurements taken than those who are just having a single procedure.

Neck Lift Results

Actual Patient. Individual results may vary from patient to patient.

Preparing for a Neck Lift in Miami

Before having neck rejuvenation surgery, patients need to obtain their medical clearance and complete their presurgical labs. To ensure Dr. Nirmal Nathan receives this information on time, patients need to complete these tasks no later than a week before surgery.

Medical Clearance and Lab Test Results

Prior to surgery, patients may need to obtain medical clearance from their general practitioner. Dr. Nathan may also want to see the results of recent laboratory tests (e.g., blood work, EKG). Patients who have not had any testing in some time may need to have certain tests before their surgical procedure.

Four Weeks Before and Four Weeks After Surgery Patients Must Avoid Products Containing Nicotine

Since nicotine causes the blood vessels to contract, it is crucial for patients to stop using these products four weeks before and after their procedure. When blood vessels contract, they negatively affect the body’s ability to heal itself by preventing optimal blood circulation. Patients who continue using these products increase their likelihood of experiencing complications associated with healing (e.g., open wounds, skin necrosis).

Patients Must Refrain From Taking Certain Medications, Vitamins and Herbs

Ten days before surgery, patients need to avoid certain products. These products include non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs), aspirin, blood thinners (Coumadin), vitamin A and vitamin E. Each of these products can cause excess bleeding. Therefore, following this instruction is vital.

Patients Need a Driver

Since patients do receive some type of anesthesia or sedation on the day of their neck lift in Miami, they are unable to drive. As such, patients must bring a driver with them. For the safety of his patients, Dr. Nirmal Nathan does not permit the use of for-hire transportation services following any procedure in which the patient receives anesthesia or sedation.

Risks and Potential Complications of a Miami Neck Lift

Every treatment, surgery and procedure has risks and complications to consider ahead of time, neck rejuvenation surgery is no different.

Risks and possible complications include:

  • Open wounds.
  • Skin loss.
  • Nerve injury.
  • An adverse reaction to the medications used during or after surgery.
  • A hematoma, which is just bleeding beneath the skin.
  • Thick scars.
  • Open wounds.
  • Skin loss.
  • Dissatisfaction with the overall result of the neck lift.

How Much Does a Miami Neck Lift Cost?

Dr. Nathan can only determine how much an individual’s neck lift costs by examining his or her neck. Once the examination is complete, measurements may be taken. Dr. Nirmal Nathan can then determine which procedures he can use to accomplish what the patient desires.

Will Insurance Cover a Neck Lift?

According to Anthem, neck lifts are considered cosmetic, which means that health insurance does not cover this procedure.

Choosing an Experienced Plastic Surgeon to Perform Neck Rejuvenation Surgery in Miami is Vital

Despite the potential impact cosmetic surgery procedures can have on an individual’s appearance and quality of life, in many states, including the state of Florida, any licensed medical doctor can legally perform plastic surgery procedures, including the platysmaplasty.

Since the aging neck is one of the more challenging areas for plastic surgeons to treat, individuals who are interested in having neck rejuvenation surgery need to choose an experienced plastic surgeon to perform their procedure.

Reasons Men and Women in Miami Choose The Nathan Clinic

Due to his experience and dedication to excellence, people throughout Miami, and its surrounding communities, are choosing to have Dr. Nirmal Nathan perform their neck and facial rejuvenating procedures. Dr. Nathan is an experienced, highly skilled, board-certified plastic surgeon who dedicates himself to providing each of his patients beautiful, natural-looking results.

Dr. Nirmal Nathan’s years of experience, artistic vision, skill and dedication to excellence make him one of the top plastic surgeons in and around Miami. If you are considering a neck lift or any other plastic surgery procedure, contact The Nathan Clinic at 305-530-8880 to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Nathan. The Nathan Clinic Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics’ address in Miami is 4770 Biscayne Boulevard, Suite 830.


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