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Fat was removed from the stomach, back and flanks to give this patient a carved and flat tummy! Dr. Nathan also used Revunion Jplasma to tighten the skin, improve elasticity and collagen. We recommend JPlasma skin tightening for our liposuction patients, for optimal results.
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Liposuction Results

Actual Patient. Individual results may vary from patient to patient.

Actual Patient. Individual results may vary from patient to patient.




Miami Lipo 360 (360 Liposuction)

Due to recent advancements in the technology and techniques available for fat reduction, plastic surgery procedures to enhance the contours of the body are more popular than ever before. One of these procedures is the lipo 360 (aka liposculpting, 360-degree lipo, 360 liposuction, circumferential liposuction). Although Dr. Nirmal Nathan uses 360 liposuction to remove excess fat, he also contours the patient’s body by harvesting fat in one location, so he can move it to another. This fat grafting process allows Dr. Nathan to create the patient a more defined and shapely waistline.

How Does Lipo 360 Differ from a Standard Liposuction Procedure in Miami?

Whereas traditional liposuction (aka standard liposuction, tumescent liposuction, liposculpting) targets one area at a time, circumferential liposuction is a comprehensive procedure that targets the patient’s entire midsection. Traditional liposuction procedures are beneficial for reducing fat deposits beneath the skin; however, this standard technique can be challenging when addressing larger areas of the body, including the abdominal region. Although, Dr. Nirmal Nathan’s experience and skill allows him to achieve some contouring during a traditional liposuction procedure, while performing 360 liposuction, he can create much more definition. If a surgeon attempts to use the traditional method to achieve the same results as the 360-degree lipo, the outcome may be lacking (e.g., bumps, indentations and uneven areas).

What Can Lipo 360 Accomplish for a Patient?

Once a patient decides to move forward with 360 liposuction, Dr. Nathan creates a custom-designed treatment plan. Since 360-degree lipo is an all-inclusive procedure that targets the patient’s entire midsection, during the creation of the patient’s surgical plan, he takes that entire area into consideration. Creating a detailed surgical plan helps prevent any irregularities due to the removal of fat. By addressing issues in the front and the back of the patient’s midsection, once recovery is complete, his or her abdominal profile is sleeker and well-defined.

Which Areas of the Body Can Dr. Nirmal Nathan Treat with Lipo 360?

Using this innovative liposuction technique, Dr. Nathan addresses a variety of issues affecting the mid- and lower-sections of the body.

Areas Dr. Nirmal Nathan treats with circumferential liposuction include the:

  • Abdomen
  • Upper back
  • Waist
  • Flanks (i.e., the sides)
  • Lower back

What Are the Benefits of Having Lipo 360 Instead of Traditional Liposuction?

The main benefit of a 360-degree lipo over its traditional counterpart is the reduction in the risk of the patient experiencing uneven areas within the abdominal region and irregular contouring.

Only addressing issues in the front of the body may not provide the patient with the results he or she desires. Circumferential liposuction allows plastic surgeons to sculpt the patient’s body with great accuracy, providing results that cannot be attained using the non-surgical methods that are available (e.g., CoolSculpting®).

Like all cosmetic procedures, 360-degree lipo helps an individual get closer to his or her best body, which is why circumferential liposuction boosts the patient’s confidence level and increases his or her self-esteem.

Following 360 liposuction, clothing fits better, so it looks nicer. In addition, newfound confidence allows patients to wear clothing that they may have previously avoided (e.g., two-piece swimsuits [females], wearing only pants/shorts [males]).

The incisions the surgeon creates during a lipo 360 procedure are minimal.

Most patients return to work within a few days of their procedure. Dr. Nirmal Nathan’s patients can usually return to their exercise routines and everyday activities within just a few weeks.

While performing lipo 360, Dr. Nirmal Nathan takes the patient’s natural curves and physique into consideration. This allows him to create the patient a midsection that is slender, more proportional and aesthetically pleasing.

With 360 liposuction, Dr. Nathan can provide the patient with a more-precisely tailored body contour than is possible during a traditional liposuction procedure. This is possible because besides removing excess fat, he strategically contours the midsection. Therefore, after surgery, patients enjoy a smoother, leaner and beautifully contoured sides (i.e., flanks), abdomen and lower back area.

Dr. Nirmal Nathan Improves Unsatisfactory Results Attained During Non-Surgical Fat-Reducing Procedures

Using 360-degree lipo and traditional liposuction procedures, Dr. Nathan improves the results achieved with non-surgical fat-reducing procedures. Although these procedures are beneficial, they are unable to provide the patient with the same degree of improvement and result predictability that an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon can deliver with lipo 360 or a traditional liposuction procedure.

What Makes an Individual a Good Candidate for Circumferential Liposuction in Miami?

Not every cosmetic surgery procedure is ideal for all patients. An individual who is considering 360 liposuction needs to review the pros and cons of the procedure to determine if it could provide the results that he or she is looking to accomplish.

Just as with standard liposuction, the 360-degree lipo procedure is not intended to be a tool for weight loss. Instead, this procedure is for individuals who are close to, or already at, their recommended body weight, but have fat remaining in certain areas despite the patient adhering to a healthy diet and exercise routine.

Individuals must be healthy. Dr. Nirmal Nathan typically has his patients undergo a medical evaluation before they have a plastic surgery procedure at The Nathan Clinic in Miami. This evaluation usually includes a physical exam and routine lab tests (e.g., blood work).

When compared to traditional liposuction, which targets a single area, a good candidate for 360 liposuction is someone who wants Dr. Nathan to remove fat and contour multiple areas within the midsection. For example, an individual who wants Dr. Nirmal Nathan to remove fat deposits in his or her abdominal area may be a good candidate for a standard liposuction procedure. However, someone who wants Dr. Nathan to remove excess fat and contour his or her entire midsection (i.e., the abdomen, love handles, back) should consider 360-degree lipo instead. Making similar changes to the midsection with a traditional liposuction procedure could require multiple surgical sessions. Additionally, the surgeon’s ability to contour the treatment areas while performing the traditional method is limited.

Ideally, the potential 360-degree liposuction patient should:

  • Feel positive about his or her goals and expectations.
  • Be healthy with no underlying medical conditions that could affect his or her results.
  • Understand what 360-degree liposuction can accomplish.
  • Recognize the limitations of this procedure.
  • Be within at least 30 percent of his or her recommended body weight, with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or less.
  • Desire changes to his or her entire midsection.
  • Be someone who does not use products that contain nicotine (e.g., e-cigarettes, traditional cigarettes, chewing tobacco).
  • Have good skin elasticity.
  • Review the process, recovery and potential complications associated with this procedure.

An individual’s suitability for the lipo 360 fat removal and contouring technique also depends on his or her personal goals. Currently, this procedure is only available for use in the midsection. Therefore, individuals who would like to address issues related to other areas of their body need to consider a standard liposuction procedure.

A Lipo 360 Initial Consultation at The Nathan Clinic in Miami

To determine if an individual is a good candidate for a 360-degree lipo procedure at The Nathan Clinic in Miami, potential patients need to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Nirmal Nathan. To make an appointment, please call 305-530-8880.

During this consultation, Dr. Nathan wants to know about the daily medications, vitamins and herbal supplements the individual takes. Since some of these products can contribute to excess bleeding, patients need to be thorough when providing this information. Many of Dr. Nirmal Nathan’s potential patients find it helpful to create themselves a list of the products they take every day. Therefore, he recommends that individuals who have an upcoming appointment at The Nathan Clinic in Miami create a list of these products. Please include the dose taken, frequency and reason for the product. Some medications, herbal supplements and vitamins need to be discontinued prior to and directly after surgery. Nonetheless, when it comes to prescription medication, the dose or frequency may just be altered for a short time before and after surgery. For safety’s sake, individuals taking prescription or physician-recommended medications should never reduce, change the frequency of or discontinue taking them without first speaking with the prescribing physician or Dr. Nathan.

Once Dr. Nirmal Nathan understands what the patient would like him to accomplish, he will want to view the areas that the patient would like him to address during surgery. Following this examination, Dr. Nathan has a good idea whether the procedure the patient wants can provide the desired results. If lipo 360 can meet the needs of the patient, and the patient decides to move forward, Dr. Nirmal Nathan or one of his medical assistants takes photos and measurements of the treatment areas.

Why Does Dr. Nathan Need Measurements and Photos of the Treatment Areas?

While creating the patient’s customized liposuction 360 surgical plan, Dr. Nirmal Nathan uses these photos and measurements for reference. Furthermore, following surgery and recovery, Dr. Nathan and the patient can compare these photos to the patient’s results.

Preparing for a Lipo 360 Procedure in Miami

Ten days before and 10 days after surgery, patients must discontinue taking certain kinds of vitamins, medications and herbs.

Products to discontinue include:

  • Anti-inflammatory non-steroidal drugs (aka NSAIDs) examples of NSAIDs include Advil, Motrin and aspirin. Individuals who need to take medication during this 10-day timeframe before and after surgery can take acetaminophen (aka Tylenol, non-aspirin).
  • Blood thinners such as Coumadin should be adjusted or discontinued during this 10-day before and after timeframe. Since blood thinners are prescription medications, patients need to speak with their physician before making any changes to their dosage amount or the frequency taken.
  • Some of the herbs that can increase the incidence of bleeding include Kava Kava, St. John’s Wort and Ginkgo Biloba. These are just a few. Once Dr. Nirmal Nathan knows which products the patient takes, he can determine whether it is safe to take them during the 10 days before and the 10 days after surgery.
  • Vitamins patients need to avoid during this timeframe include vitamin E and K, as well as fish oil.

Four Weeks Before and Four Weeks After 360-Degree Lipo Surgery, Stop Using Products Containing Nicotine

Nicotine causes changes within the blood vessels, which can interrupt the natural healing process. Therefore, Dr. Nathan wants his patients to discontinue using products that contain nicotine for the four weeks leading up to surgery and the four weeks after. These products include traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes and even the smoking-cessation products that are available because they, too, contain nicotine.

For the Two Days Before and Two Days After Surgery, Avoid Alcoholic Beverages

Since alcohol can increase inflammation, patients should refrain from consuming alcoholic beverages for a couple of days before and after surgery. An increase in inflammation can cause the patient to experience more pain, which is why following this recommendation is important.

Find a Driver

Since most patients receive general anesthesia or IV sedation during their 360-degree liposuction procedure, they are not permitted to drive following surgery. Therefore, patients who are returning home after their procedure must bring someone with them to serve as their chauffeur. Patients who do not arrive with a driver are required to reschedule their procedure.

An Overnight Hospital Stay Following 360 Liposuction in Miami

Furthermore, if a patient is having a substantial amount of fat removed, he or she may need to remain in the hospital overnight. In this case, patients still need to have a driver because, for safety’s sake, following sedation individuals must wait at least 24 hours to drive. This safety precaution relates to the fact that an individual’s reflexes are slower after receiving these kinds of medications.

After leaving the hospital with their driver, patients need to have someone stay with them for several days.

Finding a Caregiver

Dr. Nirmal Nathan requests that his patients who stay in the hospital overnight as well as patients that return home directly after their procedure ask someone to remain with them for a few days.

This individual must be capable of driving and helping the patient with whatever he or she needs (e.g., assistance walking to the washroom, dressing, cooking). Since this individual will be caring for the patient in every way possible, patients need to choose someone that they trust completely and that they feel comfortable with.

For-Hire Transportation After 360-Degree Lipo in Miami

Following any plastic surgery procedure that requires the use of oral sedatives, IV sedation (e.g., twilight anesthesia) or general anesthesia, patients are not permitted to drive. Some patients wonder why Dr. Nathan does not permit the use of for-hire transportation (e.g., taxi services, Lyft, Uber, public transportation) following these kinds of procedures. The Nathan Clinic’s transportation policy is designed to protect Dr. Nirmal Nathan’s patients.

After receiving sedation of any kind, a patient is somewhat vulnerable. He or she may need assistance entering and exiting a vehicle, walking and opening the door of his or her home. An individual working within the for-hire transportation industry does not perform these duties. Furthermore, Dr. Nathan wants to protect his patients from individuals who may have nefarious intentions related to taking advantage of his patient’s vulnerability during this time.

A 360-degree Lipo procedure with Dr. Nirmal Nathan in Miami

For most patients, this is an outpatient procedure that can last from two to eight hours.

Patients should arrive approximately 10 minutes before their scheduled procedure. They need to have their driver with them when they arrive. Those who do not will need to reschedule their liposculpting procedure.

Pre-Op: Preparing for Surgery

One of Dr. Nathan’s friendly medical assistants takes the patient to the pre-op area. While here, the nurse takes the patient’s vitals (e.g., blood pressure, heart rate) and prepares him or her for surgery.

Dr. Nirmal Nathan typically visits the patient in pre-op, making various markings on the surgical areas using a medical marker. These markings serve as his guide during the liposculpture procedure. Patients should feel free to ask him any questions they have at this time.

Administering General Anesthesia or IV Sedation

Patients may receive general anesthesia or IV sedation before their liposuction procedure begins.

Once the patient is comfortably asleep, Dr. Nathan begins the 360-degree lipo procedure.

Creating the Incisions

Since he is addressing multiple areas, Dr. Nirmal Nathan creates several small incisions. These incisions are no larger than 5 mm.

Breaking-Up the Fat with Tumescent Fluid

He injects a sterile solution that contains salt water, lidocaine and epinephrine into the area. The salt water serves as the base of the solution, lidocaine numbs the area within, and epinephrine is a medication that causes blood vessel constriction. By constricting the blood vessels during surgery, this medicine limits the amount of blood that enters the treatment areas. By limiting the amount of blood entering these areas, after surgery, patients experience less bruising and inflammation.

Removing the Fat

Once Dr. Nathan administers the solution, it begins to loosen the fat.

Using a small, hollow tube (i.e., cannula) that is connected to a special vacuum, Dr. Nirmal Nathan removes the fat and fluid from within the patient’s midsection. If he only needs to remove a small amount of fat or fluid, he may decide to suction it out manually using a syringe.

The Fat Grafting Process During 360 Liposuction in Miami

To provide the patient with his or her desired body contours, Dr. Nathan might need to perform some fat grafting in the treatment areas. The fat-grafting process involves removing fat from one area and inserting it into another. For instance, the surgeon may remove fat from the abdomen to insert into the patient’s hips. By inserting fat into the hip area, once recovery is complete, the patient’s figure has more curves.

Closing the Incisions

Dr. Nirmal Nathan uses sutures to close the tiny incisions throughout the treatment area.

Placing the Bandages and Compression Garment

Once Dr. Nathan completes applying the stitches, he, or one of this team members, places bandages over the incisions and a compression garment around the patient’s midsection. This garment will remain in place for several weeks. It helps the treatment areas as they conform to their new contouring and keeps inflammation down.

Recovering After 360 Liposuction in Miami

Although lipo 360 usually involves removing larger amounts of fat than is seen with traditional liposuction, the recovery time is very similar. Nonetheless, while recovering from circumferential liposuction, patients tend to experience more fatigue than those who just have its traditional counterpart. This additional fatigue is most likely due to the removal of fat from multiple areas, which means the body has more areas to heal.

Inflammation and bruising directly following the procedure is typically significant. However, these symptoms usually subside in a few weeks’ time.

Most patients return to work a few days after their circumferential liposuction procedure in Miami.

Since every person is unique, patients should discuss their timeline for recovery with Dr. Nirmal Nathan.

The best way to avoid post-surgical complications is for the patient to follow the instructions he or she receives before leaving the recovery area on the day of surgery.

The stitches Dr. Nathan uses may or may not be dissolvable. If they are not, patients return to The Nathan Clinic and a medical assistant or the surgeon removes these stitches. Suture removal typically occurs within a week of the procedure.

Properly caring for the incision sites is essential. Otherwise, infection may set in.

Lipo 360 Results

Some patients may not see their final results for six months. Lifestyle choices after a circumferential liposuction procedure can affect the patient’s overall results. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle with diet and exercise is an important aspect of attaining the best liposuction results possible.

Are There Any Risks and Complications Associated with 360 Liposuction in Miami?

As with all medical procedures, there are inherent risks that patients need to consider. From the typical risks associated with every surgical procedure, to those that may be unique to the procedure an individual is having.

Potential complications include:

  • Bruising (common, should be expected).
  • Inflammation (common, should be expected).
  • Numbness (temporary).
  • Infection.
  • Changes to deeper skin structures.
  • Skin that is bumpy or rippled.
  • The need for revision surgery (extremely rare).
  • Fat embolisms (extremely rare). Signs include shortness of breath and chest pain. Individuals who experience these signs need to seek medical care right away.
  • Based on the way the patient’s body adjusts to the new contouring, asymmetries are possible. However, this issue is more common with traditional liposuction more frequently than with lipo 360.

The benefits of circumferential liposuction far outweigh any drawbacks. Furthermore, the best way to decrease the likelihood of developing a complication is to have an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon perform the liposuction procedure.

How Much is a Lipo 360 Procedure in Miami?

Every patient is unique. The only way that a plastic surgeon can determine how much an individual’s liposuction procedure costs is with an initial consultation and examination.

Individuals in the Miami area who are interested in learning more about the lipo 360 procedure should schedule an appointment with Dr. Nirmal Nathan. Dr. Nathan is a highly experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon and the founder of The Nathan Clinic, Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics in Miami. He dedicates himself to providing each patient with the beautiful, natural-looking plastic surgery results he or she desires. With nearly 15 years of experience, Dr. Nirmal Nathan has the skill and artistic vision to help you attain the facial features and body characteristics you desire. Contact his clinic today at 305-530-8880. The Nathan Clinic is at 4770 Biscayne Boulevard, Suite #830 in Miami.



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