Represented by Dr. Nirmal Nathan’s induction into the RealSelf 500 Hall of Fame, The Nathan Clinic has built a fine reputation on compassion, transparency, and honesty. A Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Nathan would be doing a disservice to his practice, team and, moreover, to you as a patient, if he failed to be upfront about the nature of your concerns, and the goals that you set out to achieve by partnering with the clinic. Accordingly, Dr. Nathan’s plastic surgery philosophy in Miami, FL is characterized by open communication, which starts with an in-depth consultation. This initial visit to our practice is as much about Dr. Nathan understanding what you want to achieve, as it is about your understanding of the products, techniques, and procedures recommended to get the look you want with confidence.

Accordingly, our philosophy is also designed around:

  • Establishing realistic and reasonable expectations – This facet of our practice is not designed to drain any enthusiasm you may have about getting specific procedures done. No respectable or competent plastic or reconstructive surgeon would move forward with treatments, knowing patients may be out of touch with what said procedures can do for them. This situation sets up for failure in the relationship and treatment outcomes . The Nathan Clinic will not move forward with treatment until we are confident that our patients understand exactly what procedures entail – the limitations of said procedures as much as the opportunities afforded by them. Your goals must be in harmony with our recommendations, and it is our job to ensure your questions are answered in a way where those recommended treatments make sense. We must be on the same page – that’s how successful partnerships work!
  • Thoroughly evaluating each patient’s needs, medical history, and otherwise – You are being a responsible and smart health care consumer by doing your due diligence in the pursuit of a skilled and qualified plastic surgeon. We are privileged that you found The Nathan Clinic in your search for a surgical partner, and we appreciate that you trust us enough to put your appearance and health in our hands. However, just as you select health care providers, Dr. Nathan carefully selects those patients he feels can benefit from the treatments and techniques available at his clinic. There are many reasons you may be a great candidate for one or a combination of our nonsurgical and surgical cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. Likewise, there are myriad reasons that can preclude you, or that present contraindications, to treatments.

You should scrutinize surgical clinics well. Question those surgeons that seemingly operate on anyone and everyone.

If we sound like a good fit for you, and this philosophy provides the peace of mind that you seek, The Nathan Clinic looks forward to meeting you. Call (305) 530-8880 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Nathan at one of our two Miami-area locations.