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An amazing liposuction 360 and BBL result shown only 1 month after surgery.

Fat was removed from her abdomen, flanks and back, and then treated with RENUVION JPlasma to enhance her overall result.

800CCs of pure fat was injected into each buttock.

Her results will only continue to improve over time.




Specific, exaggerated figure trends change over time. Shapley, balanced proportions, however, has been admired throughout mankind’s history. Brazilian butt lift delivers noticeable curve-appeal, without the risks of more invasive implant surgery. In the Miami, FL area, men as well as women seek out Dr. Nirmal Nathan’s proven technique for buttock enhancement.


Surgery can be technically defined as treatment of the body using instruments for incision or manipulation. In this sense, Brazilian butt lift is technically a surgery. However, if you are imagining a lot of cutting and suturing, you will be pleased to learn that BBL is quite different.

With this method, small incisions (typically a quarter inch or less) are made inconspicuously in natural body creases. Through these openings, fat is harvested using a thin tube called a cannula, which is just a 4 to 5 millimeters in diameter. Fat is purified with a special process handled in-house. Cleansed fat cells are integrated back into the buttocks using a meticulous fat transfer procedure. Since injected fat receives nutrients from blood flow, many of the cells – up to 95 percent – survive, remaining part of the body indefinitely. In most cases, 50-60% of the fat injected will survive long term.

Contouring areas above and below the mound of the buttocks (as well as the abdomen, waistline, lower back, thighs, or any other areas you’d like) with liposculpture sets the stage for a rounded, natural-looking buttocks, safely augmented with fat from your own body.



  • The first is heredity. Consider the difference between a tall, slender Northern European body type, and the quintessential curvaceous Brazilian beauty. The overriding shape of their bottoms is literally in their genes.
  • The second factor is lifestyle, with diet and exercise playing important roles. Using our Northern European and Brazilian example, if both individuals eat lavishly, the former will likely add inches around the midsection, while the latter will carry the extra weight on thighs, hips, and buttocks. Conversely, if the slender model works out aggressively, she develops long, lean muscles. Training tends to develop thicker muscles on the individual with a stockier build.
  • The third factor is age. A young person has firm, resilient skin; strong connective tissues; and denser muscle mass. That changes as we age, allowing the buttocks to flatten and sag. It is one of the toughest areas of the body to effectively shape through diet and/or exercise, and that task gets more difficult with each passing year.

Why does it matter? The answer to that question is largely personal preference. Some people are content with their body shape, and we applaud that self-confidence. Others, especially considering a wardrobe tailored to Miami’s tropical climate, choose to enhance the backside so clothing fits better on balanced bodily proportions.

What do we mean by “balanced proportions?” The human eye adores symmetry. For example, in profile a flat bottom throws off the attractive equilibrium of a woman with ample breast projection – she simply looks top heavy. The fat transfer to buttocks technique promotes hourglass curves from a front view, as well, and the appeal from the back view is undeniable. Men also choose buttocks augmentation, attaining fuller contours that fill trousers out nicely – no squats required.


In the past, gluteal implants were the only surgical option to augment the buttocks, with silicone prosthetics placed through an incision. While this remains a viable option (and may be the only one for a person with very low body fat content), it carries a higher risk of complications.


  • No chance of allergy or rejection, since fat cells used for augmentation come from your own body.
  • No risk of capsular contracture, a disfiguring build-up of hard scar tissue at an implant site.
  • No possibility of the implant shifting or slipping out of position.
  • Less downtime, and recovery is not as intense.


Your journey to buttocks enhancement begins with an in-depth consultation and physical examination. If you are a good candidate, comfortable with your options for BBL surgery cost, and realistic in your expectations for outcome, the procedure is scheduled.


  • Anesthesia – Your comfort is top priority at The Nathan Clinic. Because BBL typically takes four to six hours, general anesthesia is recommended, so you sleep deeply throughout the procedure. Depending on the amount of liposculpture required and the degree of augmentation desired, you may only need local numbing and intravenous sedation.
  • Incisions – Insertion points for liposuction cannulae are strategically planned before surgery begins. Once you are resting comfortably, Dr. Nathan creates necessary incisions efficiently.
  • Liposculpture/fat harvest – Treatment areas are flooded with a tumescent solution which helps to solubilize fat. It is infused with anesthetic, and medication which reduces bleeding and bruising. Fat is removed using a gentle, low-pressure surgical vacuum. In Dr. Nathan’s hands, this step involves much more than breaking up and suctioning away fat. He carefully sculpts sides of the buttocks, as well as zones above and below, at an optimal depth of penetration. If you have decided on additional fat reduction in other areas of the body, equal attention is given to ensure smooth, pleasing results.
  • Fat processing – Fat is separated out of material collected during liposuction, and cleansed to remove excess oils. It is blended with an antibiotic solution to maximize patient safety. Then the purified fat is placed into syringes topped with fine cannulae.
  • The buttock is prepared – Tiny incisions are made where harvested fat will be transferred.
  • Augmentation – This is the most time-consuming portion of the procedure, but outstanding results are well worth Dr. Nathan’s unhurried attention to detail. His technique involves injecting strands of fat droplets into tissue in a meshwork pattern which promotes healthy blood flow. He begins with deep muscle layers, continuing upward to the subcutaneous strata just beneath skin. One cheek is completed, then the process is precisely replicated on the other side for symmetrical results. In most cases, augmentation consists of implanting 200 cc to 600 ccs of fat.
  • Finishing – Because incisions are so small and there is minimal bleeding, sutures are not usually required. Sites are dressed and the buttocks are protected with padding and a compression garment.

Dr. Nirmal Nathan is a skilled plastic surgeon in Miami, Florida. He received his medical degree through the Honors Program in Medicine at the University of Miami. Dr. Nathan is among the most sought after plastic surgeons in Miami due to his expansive knowledge, skill and method of treating patients. In his practice, The Nathan Clinic Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics, he provides the excellence that comes from experience.


You must have someone drive you home and stay with you, at least for the first night. Expect to recuperate reclining on your tummy or side for a few days, after which you may shower. You will have a special pillow to sit on, to avoid putting pressure on your buttocks for 6 weeks after surgery. Most people return to work in a week or two, but it is important to avoid the pressure of sitting on hard chairs. No swimming or heavy lifting for six weeks as is typical for most major plastic surgery.

During healing, swelling subsides as some implanted fat cells simultaneously die, harmlessly flushed by the body’s lymphatic system. There is no way to determine exactly how much transplanted fat will survive, but Dr. Nathan’s micro-augmentation method has a high success rate. Augmentation that remains after three months can be lasting, with a healthy lifestyle.

Would you like to enjoy the voluptuous curves nature didn’t grant? Restore an age-deflated backside? Or simply balance your natural physical characteristics? Schedule a Brazilian butt lift consultation at The Nathan Clinic to discuss the possibilities. The number in Miami, FL is (305) 530-8880.


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