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The Miramar and Miami, FL area gets about 248 sunny days each year, with average temperatures in the 70s and sometimes well beyond. Our climate is delightful for outdoor activities and cool, comfortable clothing. Whether your style is a laid-back beach look, country club casual, or metro high fashion, you can feel more confident with the trimming and toning effect of liposuction from Dr. Nirmal Nathan.


Liposuction has been used in this country since the 1970s to remove fat and recontour specific areas of the body. It involves small incisions that allow fat to be suctioned off through thin tubes. In its early days, liposuction was somewhat traumatic, with a substantial risk of side effects and an extended recovery period.

Tumescent liposuction changed that. With this technique, a large volume of fluid is infused into tissues, so that fat can be broken up and removed more easily. The fluid contains anesthetic for more comfortable treatment and medications that greatly reduce the risk of bleeding and bruising. Tumescent liposuction made body sculpting a reality for many women and men who needed the convenience of reduced downtime.

Body contouring has continued to evolve. In 2006, the FDA approved the first laser liposuction technique, and several other brands followed.



Dr. Nathan uses an approved medical device designed just for ultrasound-assisted lipolysis (fat removal). An ultrasound probe is introduced into the treatment area through a modified liposuction cannula. The ultrasound energy heats targeted fat cells. Thermal energy disrupts cell walls, breaking up fatty tissue for easier removal. Since fat is essentially melted, it can be eliminated with gentler suction and a smaller cannula for minimal tissue trauma.

As an added benefit, ultrasound energy contracts tissues and stimulates collagen production, contributing to smoother, firmer surface skin in the treated area.

Because this method is quite precise, Dr. Nathan can use it to sculpt smaller, delicate areas such as the face, jawline, double chin, and neck, as well as larger areas including:

  • Upper arms
  • Waist and mid-section
  • Thighs


Ultrasound liposuction is performed as an outpatient procedure at The Nathan Clinic. Your journey to a more sculpted body begins with a thorough consultation and examination. Dr. Nathan explains the procedure, evaluates your medical status to determine if you are a good candidate, and sets realistic expectations. It is important to know that no method of liposuction is intended as a weight loss plan or a substitute for healthy eating and physical activity. If together, you decide that this is the best solution for your concerns, your laser liposuction treatment is scheduled.

On the day of the appointment, you should wear comfortable clothing and no makeup (for face or neck treatment). Do not eat anything heavy for about two hours before the procedure.

Surgery is performed at an accredited surgical center, with a board-certified anesthesiologist. Once you are settled comfortably, anesthesia is administered to ensure your comfort. If you are nervous before your procedure, the anesthesiologist may also administer a mild sedative to help you relax. Regardless, you will not feel pain – only an occasional odd sensation of pressure.

Dr. Nathan creates tiny incisions, barely larger than punctures. He inserts the ultrasound probe through these access points and uses them to suction liquified fat away. Depending on the areas of treatment, the procedure typically takes two hours or less.



Some patients feel mild body aches in treated areas or have light bruising. Dr. Nathan talks with you about wearing a compression garment for a while after ultrasound-assisted liposuction, to support treated tissues and reduce the risk of side effects. However, there is minimal downtime – you may return to work and normal activities in a day or two. Incisions may be closed with glue or dissolving sutures, but they are so small and strategically placed that there is little chance of scarring.

Most patients achieve desired outcomes with just UAL session. You begin to see results in about a week, and improvement continues for several months as underlying tissues tighten. With a healthy lifestyle, the results of ultrasound assisted liposuction are long-lasting. Since the body does not produce new fat cells, if you add pounds in the future, fat will be more evenly distributed rather than concentrated in problem areas.

Levels of care in UAL can vary greatly. At The Nathan Clinic, you are assured of stringent standards for patient safety and the expertise of a board-certified plastic surgeon. Call (305) 530-8880 to schedule your consultation in Miramar or Miami, FL.


As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Nathan has performed thousands of plastic surgery procedures on the body. He has published extensively on safety during plastic surgery procedures. His papers are cited in national meetings and used by surgeons in training to learn about body contouring. A few of his papers can be accessed below:

Comparative analysis of blood loss in suction-assisted lipoplasty and third-generation internal ultrasound-assisted lipoplasty.

Abdominoplasty combined with additional surgery: a safety issue

In Miami, liposuction is often performed in high volume centers with poor safety standards. Dr. Nathan’s obsession with patient experience and safety is what differentiates The Nathan Clinic from other plastic surgery centers. His safety record and natural results offers patients an unparalleled, world class experience.

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