Most Common Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) FAQs

What Can Rhinoplasty Accomplish?

So, cosmetic rhinoplasty can accomplish a variety of goals. It really depends on the client’s needs, but in general, a rhinoplasty will reduce the hump on the nose. It can make the tip smaller and also lift the tip.

Will My Rhinoplasty Results Look Normal?

One of the things that I’m known for with my rhinoplasties is a natural look. And if you look at my portfolio results, you’ll see that all of my noses look different. That’s because delivering the same nose to every patient is an older approach to rhinoplasty surgery. And if you’re focused on natural results, you need to deliver custom-tailored solutions for each patient.

What Is Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Rhinoplasty is the medical term for surgical reshaping of the nose. It can be accomplished through a variety of different types of incisions. And it’s usually used to reduce the size of the tip of the nose, the hump of the nose, and the profile. Can sometimes make the nostrils smaller as well.

Are There Any Limitations To What a Rhinoplasty Can Accomplish?

A rhinoplasty is always tailored to the patient’s existing anatomy. If a patient has an extremely large nose and they want an extremely small nose, for example, it can cause functional issues that will lead to long-term problems. That’s part of my job as a plastic surgeon. It’s to analyze the nose and work with the client, with my patient to understand what changes are in their best interest and what changes will cause them long-term problems.

What Is Facial Harmony?

So, facial harmony is a general term that describes an approach to understanding and analyzing the face. The face is divided into thirds. And, in addition to that, the eyes, nose, and lips all interplay with each other. So that, based on various standards and measurements, a plastic surgeon can analyze the face and determine changes that are necessary to achieve that harmony.



Rhinoplasty Results
This is a 26-year-old female patient who underwent a rhinoplasty. She wanted to address a moderate dorsal hump as well as a deviated septum.

She underwent an open rhinoplasty with a dorsal hump reduction, tip refinement maneuvers, septoplasty, and cartilage grafting.